Process Flow

For building a process flow for an organically procured seed is important throughout its journey of becoming the finished product as it is essential to take care of it from any kind of contamination at any stage.

For that we maintain cleanliness of machinery as well as plant along with pest controls at regular intervals etc.

Procurement: At the time of procurement, physical analysis, pesticides analysis will be conducted for raw material and if report is ok, lot no. Will be generated and transported to our plant. Inward RM sheet is there which will maintain traceability of raw material with its supporting documents verified by our plant in charge.

Soyameal: After generation of lot and inward of rm, lot will be taken into process for soya doc after finishing. Earlier lot and each day production record is maintained. When lot is in process, new lot no. Will be generated for soya meal and soya oil w.R.T previous lot and maintained with records verified by our plant incharge and our general manager.

Expeller Pressed Soy Crude Oil: Soya oil collected in dedicated organic storage area with lot no. Then taken in process for organic lecithin followed by organic industry norms.

Organic Lecithin: Before process of organic soya lecithin, plant will be flush out with organic crude oil; quantity will be equals to hyderation tank capacity which is 5mt of oil. Maintained with change over time and flushing records.