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Shanti believes a good leadership leads to successful business model which plays an important role in consistent growth of an organization. At shanti, we rely on team leadership where the main motive is to achieve ultimately the organizational targets, to enable a healthy and friendly environment among the leaders.

Our Leaders

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Mukesh Kacholia

Mr. Mukesh kacholia being the founder of the company has given shanti a solid base in the export industry, to be among the top agri exporters from india.

Under his guidance shanti has seen tremendous increase across all the parameters of a successful business – turnover, net worth, employees’ strength etc.

A philanthropist by nature he also covered his emphasis on the development of society along with his business interest is truly remarkable of him.

Currently, he is MD of the company and serving on various influential bodies of society.

Team Member

Ayush Kacholia

one of the Directors of the company, helped the transformation of business by making shanti an international identity. He kicks started the expansion of business through the manufacturing of organic soya meal, getting a huge response from buyers across the world shows his caliber of making shanti globally recognized company.

he is playing an important role in preparing business for further expansion that it is planning in coming yrs. with clarity of making shanti top exporter in Agro commodities. By his active efforts shanti will keep on focusing towards sustainable growth for achieving new heights every year.

Team Member

Rohan Kacholia

With a degree in Engineering (Informational Technology) and Msc.in International Business from Leeds university UK Mr. Rohan has started his journey with the company in 2013.

His infusion of global perspective to the business has made him find opportunities in the market beyond already existing products. currently he looks after organic lecithin manufacturing at shanti, Serving as Director of the company his contribution towards the company defines his idea of exploration of innovation driven products to make shanti maintain its position in the competitive scenario.

Our Team

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